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Contribution to society
through new technologies

Aiming to create a long-lasting recycling-oriented society that can coexist with the environment
[Solar Energy Systems/LED Lighting/Energy Creation/Energy-saving clean venture 21]
Contributing to Society through New Technology.
clean venture 21 is a solar battery business with the theme of "renewableIt is a venture company in Kyoto that was founded for the purpose of development.Succeeded in the mass production of spherical silicon solar cells for the first time in the world. Utilizing this experience and knowledge, we design and develop solar power generation systems and environment-related products.Our business is sales.We will also work on the development of original products that inherited the DNA that was established as a development advanced technology group, and will contribute to the realization of a sustainable recycling-oriented society and an earth-friendly society.
581.2 kW
Panel: Jinko 315W 1,848 sheets
 Inverter: Sanken Electric 40kW 11 units
665.28 kW
Panel: Jinko 330W 2,016 sheets
Power conditioner: Sanken Electric 50kW 2 units
                             62.5kW 6units
2059 kW
Panel: Jinko 275W 6,864 sheets
Inverter: Sanken Electric 40kW 34 units
Responding flexibly to diverse environments and needs
We provide high quality products.
Proposals for solar power generation systems, solar cell related products, photocatalytic disinfection deodorizers
development and sales,We develop and sell various products such as electric power sales under the theme of "energy saving and energy creation".
Toward business expansion
We are looking for a wide range of personnel.
Photovoltaic power generation systems, applied products of solar cells, and
We welcome applications from those who are interested in our company's original product business in general.
We look forward to.

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